Saturday, March 19, 2011

3rd and 4th Goal Completed

I am on a roll today.  I completed 6 reusable coffee sleeves for my Etsy Shop today.  I have plenty more cut out, but if I take them 6 at a time it will make it feel less overwhelming!  Here are the ones I added today! 
I also managed to cut out 8 - 6" x 6" squares of flannel to make my daughter a scrap blanket.  She loves blankets so I am taking my scrap flannel (from making my pj pants) and going to pieces them together to form a scrap blanket to use with her babies or for cuddling and watching her show.

2nd Goal Completed!

Yesterday I managed to finish a cute crib sheet for my daughter!  I found the tutorial here at "Made."  It was a very easy tutorial and I look forward to making many more crib sheets for her.  I used a Sew Classic Knit fabric from JoAnns.  It is very soft and is cool to the touch at night which is very comforting to her.

Here are a couple of pictures of the completed project!
Well I have successfully completed 2 out of the 7 projects I had on my to-do list for this week!  There is about 9 hours left in the day today...let's see how many more I can finish before I head to bed!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st Goal Completed!

I managed to actually complete one of my craft goals for the week.  I made a very soft blanket made from flannel and dot minky.  I cut the flannel in to a 33" x 33" square and then pinned it to the dot minky.  I sewed around the edges (leaving a 4" stretch unsewn to turn the fabric right side out).  I then top stiched around the endge for a nice finished edge!

This makes a great baby gift for a friend or family member...or for your own child!  It is light enough to be a great Spring stroller blanket or a nice cuddle blanket in the summer time.  I love how it turned out!  The nursery for my friends baby is birds...this was the closest flannel I could get to match the nursery design :)  I hope that she enjoys it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft Goals for the Week

Now that I have really neglected this blog (and my crafts...**gasp**)...I am determined to jump back on it starting today!  I am sharing my list of "craft goals" for the week...let's see how many I can achieve!!
  • Make 6 java sleeves and post them on my Etsy shop {Completed 3/19/11}
  • Finish a blanket I have started for a baby gift {Completed 3/15/11}
  • Begin cutting flannel squares for a scrap blanket {Completed 3/19/11}
  • Attempt to finish knitting a scarf I started over a year ago (I told you it was bad!) {Completed 3/19/11}
  • Cut out another skirt
  • Cut out the last pair of flannel pajamas I bought
  • Finish a crib sheet for my daughter {Completed 3/18/11}
Okay I think that is a good list to start with...anything extra I will consider a bonus!

I did get 4 pair of bead earrings listed in my Etsy shop today.  I love them!  It is a great new hobby...not that I needed another hobby.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ABSS: Sew Along Fabric Selected!

After a week of searching for the right fabric for the Cosmo Bag I have finally found it! I wanted something I could get at our local JoAnn's so I didn't have to pay for shipping or wait for it to arrive. I picked a fabric with pink and blue flowers with a brown background. Here is a picture of the fabric I chose.For the interior I think I will go with a dark pink to match. Then for the handles I think I will do a dark brown to match the background. I think that will look really nice. I bought enough fabric too so I will have leftover to make maybe a matching clutch to go with it!

While at JoAnn's I found a few more fabrics that I really liked and hope to make some snap pocket clutches out of soon. I really liked the colors/designs of these.Today I am going to attempt to make flannel sheets for my daughters crib! I am not thrilled with how the ones from Babies R Us feel...they aren't very soft. I have had a hard time finding soft sheets for her, so I have decided to make my own! I found a tutorial for crib sheets here, and it doesn't look too bad! Will update when they are finished!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fringe Hammock Progress

I did manage to find myself some US Size 35 knitting needles at Michaels (A.C. Moore did not have them). I was thankful to find them in a store so that I didn't have to order them online. The Homespun Lion Brand yarn was also on sale for 3 for $10 at A.C. Moore and since that was the yarn I needed, I was quite happy! I got a set of yarn for a boy fringe hammock and a girl fringe hammock.
Here is just a teaser picture of the edge of the hammock. I really like how pretty it looks. It was really easy to complete! I am very excited for my photo shoot to get a chance to use it!
After completing the body of the pattern, I have decided that it isn't quite wide enough to my liking so I am going to alter it when I do the girl pattern. I would like it a little wider to fit better in to bigger baskets. I would rather it be too big than too small. After reviewing the pattern I do believe this would be an easy task.

Once all the fringe is put on the hammock, I will post final pictures to share with you!

Operation Fringe Hammock

Today I venture to A.C. Moore for a LARGE pair of knitting needles...US Size 35! I have never used such big needles, so this should be interesting. Why am I buying such large needles you ask? I am on a mission to knit a fringe hammock for newborn photo shoots! I am excited to make it and try it out during my photo shoot in March. A.C. Moore also has the Homespun yarn on sale that is used to make the hammock. So hopefully my trip can be a successful one! I will post pictures and updates as the project begins. Because of the large size of the needles it shouldn't take too long to finish the projects.

I also ordered my Amy Butler: Style Stitches book last night for the sew along! I am very excited to sew a new bag/purse. The one on the cover is the most intriguing! That would make a great weekender bag for traveling! Stay tuned for updates on the sew along!